Travelling with kids

Whether it’s their very 1st flight or they are already worldly-wise globetrotters – here's everything you need to know to prepare your children for their next flight.

Sitting next to your kids

Travelling as a family? Children up to and including 11 years old that have their own seat will always sit next to an adult from your group. Of course, you’re welcome to select seats for your family at an earlier stage, to make sure you’re all seated together.

Read more about seat options

Yummy meals

On intercontinental flight, your child's dinner will be a real treat! Reserve a meal box for them.



At any moment during the flight, feel free to ask us for an extra fruit juice, soft drink, or glass of water for your kids.

Dining in style

Even our youngest passengers dine in style! All kids younger than 2 years get their own Bluey bib on intercontinental flights.

Time flies for your little adventurers.

Let us entertain them

To make sure your kids enjoy themselves during an intercontinental flight, lots of films, series, and games will provide hours of fun!


Bluey’s adventures

Meet Bluey: the little blue plane who goes on all sorts of adventures. Even before your journey begins, you can show your young ones Bluey’s short animation movies.

Bluey in Rio de Janeiro

Bluey’s adventures

A flight to remember

Even on the shortest flights, we make your child’s trip abroad a special one with their own Bluey passport holder and an activity book.

Make time fly

On intercontinental flights, your kids get a playset with a game, pencils, stickers, and more. Our Bluey sleep mask will help them sleep through the flight.