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Discover the world’s capital of safaris

Get to know the city once formed around a natural swampland occupied by the Maasai. Book a flight to Nairobi and explore the beautiful scenery and the variety of wildlife that Kenya is renowned for. Also visit the snug Karen Blixen Museum and sample fresh fruit at the colourful City Market. In Nairobi, temperatures range between 20 and 24 degrees Celcius, making it a perfect destination throughout the year!

Wildlife and waterfalls

No need to travel far to spot wildlife. The sparkling Nairobi skyline is still visible from Nairobi National Park where you can watch lions, elephants and zebras. And be sure to include Masai Mara National Park with its grassy plains and tree-lined rivers. Paradise Lost Resort, located on a coffee plantation, is only fifteen minutes from the city. This green oasis boasts a fairytale waterfall where you can picnic, watch birds and go horseback riding. Nairobi is the ideal destination for city trips, but also as a starting point for longer vacations in Kenya. Treat yourself: book a flight to Nairobi now!

Breakfast with giraffes

In and outside Nairobi there is plenty to do. Visit the National Museum to learn more about the fauna, culture and history of Kenya and its people. The city has many hotels, but a stay at the Giraffe Manor Hotel is an extraordinary experience. Imagine giraffes sticking their long necks through the hotel windows while you’re having morning coffee. Feeling peckish after a day of sightseeing? Nothing that Kenyan cuisine can’t remedy! Sample Kiswahili, Kenya’s national dish and have a Tusker beer from the local brewery to go with it.

Flights to Nairobi for a unique holiday

With our favourable flight times, comfortable seats and attentive personal service you will reach your destination with ease. KLM is working hard to achieve increasingly sustainable aviation. Would you like to help? Read more about the actions you can take to reduce the impact of your flight.

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