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The tops of Garibaldi Provincial Park

Rugged mountaintops, flower-covered alpine meadows, an abundance of outdoor possibilities: Garibaldi Provincial Park is Vancouver’s backyard. The park is named after the 2,678-metre-high Mount Garibaldi. A tremendous variety of wildlife and vegetation make this park a favourite with city residents.

Garibaldi Lake

Garibaldi Lake

Fairytale-like Garibaldi Lake

The Table, Price Mountain and Black Tusk – these are a few of the names of the numerous mountaintops that dominate the park skyline. The 3 most famous ones that make up the Garibaldi Massive are the Dalton Dome, Atwell and, of course, Mount Garibaldi. Another park highlight is Garibaldi Lake. Many, many years ago, lava from the Clinker Peak formed The Barrier, a natural dam that gradually led to the formation of a 300-metre-deep lake. It’s a great camping spot and, on summer days, you can take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear water.

View of Garibaldi Lake

View of Garibaldi Lake

Panorama Ridge: more than just a beautiful vantage point

One of the most beautiful hikes in Garibaldi Park is to Panorama Ridge. This 15-kilometre-long hike takes you along idyllic creeks, beautiful woods and dozens of vantage points. It’s a long hike, but once you arrive at Panorama Ridge, you’ll be rewarded with fabulous panoramic views. The Garibaldi Lake appears almost unnaturally blue and is surrounded by greenery and snow-covered mountaintops. A gigantic glacier towers above the lake in the distance on the one side while, on the other, the imposing top of the Black Tusk keeps watch.

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